About Us

Welcome to MECO Spiritual Healing Candles

When the pandemic started myself, Serena and my lovely wife Denise felt the uncertainty and fear of the unknown just like everyone else. We felt the need to do something different, we had a wake up call and we wanted to listen to our instinct and what would make us feel good.
We decided to start our journey and create something that gives people hope, calm and relaxation. We started our own brand of 100 % natural candles, Meco candles, in our language, Italian, mente is mind and corpo is body.
I have been Reiki master for over 15 years and spirituality and energy are my true calling. The busy daily life didn't leave much space for that, running around and getting stressed became the routine. Denise my wife has always been a very creative and precise type of person and that s when we decided "why not combine our passion into something that we can enjoy and other people can too!"
Here came the idea of making candles, beautifully detailed with meaningful crystals, but also blessed with a reiki treatment, as we truly believe that we all love beautiful things but also we are all made of energy and we are surrounded by it.
We started our project in a small space, we decided to give it a go and the response has been amazing! People love it and the feedback so far has been truly great.
We now are dedicated to provide the best quality hand poured candles, as it feels like we finally achieved our true goal giving people hope, peace and calm trough our beautiful products.