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Hand Pouring CocoSoy Candles

Hand pouring a candle is an art and we take it very seriously. We craft each candle individually in our studio.
Every candle is a creation and expression of creativity and love.

When we pour the melted wax, we need to make sure that the temperature is perfect before we can add any fragrance to it. If it is too hot it would burn, if it is too cold it won’t blend in, this is the reason we constantly check every step along the way, to deliver the best possible end result to you.

It took us time, research and a lot of testing before finding the perfect balance of ingredients and technique. We pour our blend of wax and fragrance very slowly to avoid formation of air bubbles during setting times. Once the wax is poured it needs to cure for at least a week. This way you will have the best scent and wax performance and it’s only then that the magic begins……we then re melt the top part of the candle to incorporate the crystals and the dry flowers. When the candle is nice and set we then bless each one with Reiki and purify them with white sage. As you can imagine it takes time and love to deliver a great product and we are committed to maintain our promise to you.



What is CocoSoy and why do we use it?